Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village Game Review

The hit Youda Farmer time usage game series is back with Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village. Subsequent to finishing the primary game, your merited get-away is stopped when you discover that the homestead and town are being purchased over for “urbanization”. Assist with saving the land by bringing in sufficient cash with your homestead items to repurchase it. Transport crude produce, concoct costly food and redesign the town to make a beneficial business and repurchase the land!

The first Youda Farmer presented a recent trend of time usage game into the market. In spite of what the game title inferred, you didn’t really do any cultivating. It was a transportation and asset improvement game. Your occupation was to ensure the ranch produce gets to the town rapidly so it tends to be handled into food that sells well. Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village takes us back to this reason, with redesigned designs, ongoing interaction and a new story.

The game starts similarly as you are taking a merited tropical get-away subsequent to making an extraordinary homestead in the primary game. You get a call from the city hall leader saying a Big Boss person is purchasing up the land to move toward parking garages or other comparative urbanization projects. He begs you to return and assist with bringing in sufficient cash to repurchase the land. (Doesn’t the city chairman have the ability to stop this Big Boss in any case?) So you return to the town and gradually do something amazing to repurchase the town each plot of land in turn.

As referenced over, this is a transportation and streamlining game. Natural substances, for example, milk, flour and wood are delivered at different areas on the guide, and should be gotten before they turn sour. You want to advise your truck which products to get and in what request. The products are then conveyed to structures in the town. They can be shipped off the basic food item to be sold quickly, or to different structures to be handled further. For instance, milk and flour can be shipped off a bread kitchen to be transformed into baked goods.

As a rule, you should bring in as much  สล็อต pg เว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ 2022 cash as possible with every conveyance so you can update your structures and purchase more land. So you will need to sell handled food, for example, cakes which are worth more than the singular unrefined components. Nonetheless, the game is coordinated into sections and levels, with each level presenting new kinds of crude produce, plans and structures. Each level will likewise has its own “journeys” or objectives that you really want to accomplish before the time expires. These objectives range from essential ones, for example, conveying 8 containers of milk, to “innovation” ones, for example, updating your lumbermill whenever you’ve made sufficient money.

After each level, the cash you’ve procured is added to a pool which you use to repurchase the encompassing area. Fascinating that you have a decision of which plots of land to purchase first. Each plot costs an alternate sum, and gives you various advantages. Purchasing the woodland plot would make your wood sell for additional, while purchasing extra farmland would expand the pace of flour and potato creation. You can consequently fit your property buys to suit your playstyle and the sorts of merchandise you like to manage. This customization likewise implies that you will have an alternate encounter each time you play the game.