Yoga Instructor Certification – Certification For New and Experienced Yoga Instructors

Yoga instructor certification is becoming more and more important. In 2008 registration is no longer enough. In fact, you will find yourself at serious legal risk if you are appropriately certified.

Becoming certified is a relatively new phenomenon. When yoga was not as popular or as mainstream as it is today, being registered as a trained was seen as enough.

However, as a result of the increasing popularity of the regime you really must be certified for your own full legal protection. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in law suits as a result of students becoming injured in classes (this, of course, can be avoided altogether or minimised if you choose the right program from the start). It’s essential that your students see your diploma learn how to teach group exercise classes displayed clearly in your work place or exercise class.

While it is one of the safer forms of exercises if it is done incorrectly a student can inadvertently injure themselves, particularly if they have not stretched adequately before the class.

If you are certified you will find it much easier to obtain liability insurance. Insurance is essential and should not be looked at as an unnecessary expense but an absolute necessity.

How To Avoid Injury

Unfortunately many teachers have not been adequately trained in injury prevention. A lot can be done before a student even starts a class in the prevention of injury. This is by requiring them to fill out a short questionnaire detailing their health, conditions, fitness level and overall general history.

Even Experienced Practitioners Need A Diploma

Some teachers may not have been able to become certified when they started out. However, established teachers still need a Diploma. You may get credit or recognition for past experiences and work practices.

The best course is one that can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home, where you can study at your own pace and fit it more easily into your every day activities.