Why Did God Create the Devil?

God made Satan, yet not as he is today. The Bible, which is the Word of God, so states; and that is adequate and last. Where is the man or lady into whose psyche has not come the inquiry, Why?

As per the Bible, Satan is a being, an individual, a soul. He isn’t a fantasy. He is a genuine person. There is one and only one villain, however there are numerous devils. He is discussed as the Serpent, the Dragon, Beelzebub, and Satan. He can’t be depicted as a malicious impact or power. There is just one Book that contains his actual history and that Book is the Bible. Satan of the Bible is an individual fallen angel. He is at the top of every single malicious power. For all that is on the planet which isn’t of the Father, Satan is dependable straightforwardly or by implication; the desire of the tissue, the desire of the eye and the pride of life. He is in like manner the incomparable head of all strict frameworks censured by the Bible, and a significant number of these frameworks he carries on for the sake of God and Christ. He is a sharp forger.

Satan is blamed for the wrongdoing of misleading the entire world. One who can trick the entire world should be exceptionally savvy and clever, through and through a lot for the virtuoso, strength, and astuteness of any human. He is announced to be a slanderer, a foe looking your father the devil for whom he might gobble up, a liar, and a killer all along. Satan overwhelmed Eve through his nuance. The Christian is cautioned and trained concerning his gadgets and wiles, and red hot darts. Just the people who are in the protected keeping of the One who vanquished Satan throughout everyday life and passing, safeguarded by the otherworldly covering which He gives, can remain against the world leader of dimness in the heavenlies. Just the safeguard of confidence will extinguish his red hot darts. No hostile weapon will beat him aside from the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God; “it is composed,” and constant supplication. Accordingly strengthened against this foe, the Christian is told to oppose him undauntedly in the confidence.

Satan is the lord of this age. He is the ruler of the force of the air, the soul that now worketh in the offspring of noncompliance. As the lord of this age, he blinds the personalities of them that accept not, in case the radiant good news of Christ who is the picture of God should sparkle unto them. He is the sovereign of this world, accountable for the abhorrent powers as a whole, as well as evil presence spirits. The Man Christ Jesus, by His passing, “annihilated him that had the force of death, that is Satan” (Heb. 2:14). What’s more by His passing and revival, the Son of God “ruined realms and powers, and made a shew of them transparently, winning over them in it” (Col. 2:15).