Ultimate Freedom

What does ‘Life of Freedom’ or ‘Ultimate Freedom’ mean to you?

I believe that to be living a ‘Life of Freedom’ you need to have Time Freedom, Financial Freedom, Health Freedom, Relationship Freedom and Spiritual Freedom.

Time Freedom enables you to decide on what you want to do with your time and what sort of work you want to do. You own your time and your work; it doesn’t own you. You take the time to do the things in life that really make you happy. You are able to follow your passion, and have your income continually growing. Recent studies show that ‘Time Freedom’ is the number one thing that people want more of in their lives……. more important than both money and sex.

Financial Freedom is having enough money so that you can live the life you truly desire (what ever that means to YOU). You work because you want to and love to, not because you have to. You can make large contributions because you’re not a slave or owned by your J.O.B. You can expand your  Freedom sense of who you really are and be a fully abundant in every area of your life.

Relationship Freedom is extremely important but often overlooked. Relationship Freedom focuses on family, friends and colleagues and ensures that you make time for love and communication and to explore life together, growing along the way. It enables you to make commitments to loved ones, that are deep, meaningful, intimate and long-lasting, and allows you to enjoy similar interests and adventures.

Spiritual Freedom is all about knowing exactly who you truly are and your purpose in life. It ensures that you have a connection to your higher self, as well as to God and the Universe. By peeling back the many masks that you have hidden behind and really become one with yourself you are able to have Spiritual Freedom.

Health Freedom, to me this is the most important freedom of all. I believe that ‘Health is the Ultimate Wealth’. In order to enjoy your other 4 freedoms you must have your health. Health Freedom ensures that you have time to exercise, to eat well, to spend quality time with loved ones to get plenty of rest. All the other freedoms combine to ensure Health Freedom e.g. by having money to buy the healthiest foods and nutritional supplements and by making time to exercise and rest. Health Freedom allows you to maintain your health as long as physically possible.

Together, I believe, these five freedoms give you the ‘Ultimate Freedom’.