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The 9 Subtle Benefits of Getting a Private Transfer in Miami, FL with Twelve Transfers

Riding in style is now more affordable than ever. If you look closely, even the ride sharing apps almost always have the “Luxury” option where you can get executive cars for your ride.

Everyday people and travellers are more aware of this alternative to private transportation and thanks to awesome tech, now they can personalise the rides to somewhat extreme details without the hassle.


We’ll dive deep in the top benefits we consider having when booking a private transfer


  1. Extreme customization of your order.
    • Going from point A to point B sounds simple only if you compare it with a bus ride. Most of the times, the most sophisticated travellers have requested routes with sometimes 9 intermediate stops, the driver had to take multiple routes within a city and also via highways, complex schedules with tight waiting times imposed by the traveller when 1 single delay could put more pressure on the driver, having to take private parkings for the waiting period, different rules had to be factored in by the driver to push the comfort levels to the max, and so on.
  2. Zero delays caused my missing the link or the first public transportation you had in mind. The private driver will wait for you for up to 60mins and closely monitor your flight, for example if you travel by air.
  3. Zero hassle when having to carry the luggage via multiple transportation methods, considering the weight, the size and the stress of actually actively looking over them while you are en route.
  4. Enjoy luxurious and comfy rides in new vehicles where you can focus on the things you care about.
  5. Hassle free transfers when travelling in couple, bigger groups and also have luggage. Keeping loved ones close to you while you travel in safe and comfy conditions fully allows you to focus on the conversations, emotions and experiencing Miami to the fullest.
  6. If you travel in couples or groups and get private transfers, the total cost divided by the number of travellers close to you will make the luxurious travel even more affordable.
  7. You can get really intimate about your car transfer customisation. Looking to impress your significant other, ask the driver to buy some roses, fine refreshments and champagne while the driver waits for her at the airport arrivals. You can see the options, if you’re looking to make an impact in someone’s experience with Miami, whether is your business partner, friends, family or any other scenario you want to deliver A+++ class and style.
  8. Long distances will no longer be a pain, but a real pleasure. Arriving fresh and energetic after a longer transfer with your private chauffeur is something you can consider, especially if you travel for business purposes and the stakes are high.
  9. For the international travellers in Miami that come via cruises, the timing from the port is everything. You get to experience and maximize the time on mainland to the fullest if you have total flexibility in transportation, the kind of flexibility only private transfers can offer you.


There are plenty of other benefits of taking a private transfer in such a beautiful city like Miami with Twelve Transfers. We will surely update you with other ideas and transfers experiences on our website