Solid wood Butcher Block

Why the strong wood ledge is the ideal decision for your kitchen


The wood ledges will allow your kitchen that normal warm appearance you generally ached for. The wide assortment of wood species that we offer converts into a comparably wide assortment of hues and shades, enabling you to locate the ideal counterpart for your kitchen and home. Articulations of the Mother Nature’s play, singular varieties in shading and grain examples or individual imprints will further include character and make your top very remarkable.

Dissimilar to numerous different materials that are intensely advanced by assorted style patterns and after that at some point or another enter a shadow cone, the strong wood, because of its inviting and commonplace gleam, remains a decision that will consistently be in design, regardless of how the inside engineering will advance. There is no man-caused material that to can contend with the hardwood’s instinctive nature, assortment and excellence, neither there is another material that can all the more likely award us that feeling of “home solace” the manner in which the wood does. Obviously, hardwood surfaces mix normally with wood cabinetry and hardwood floor materials, outwardly integrating the kitchen in an agreeable entirety.


Regardless of its hardness, the wood surface does not dull the blade edges; and in light of the fact that it speaks to a characteristic material, with at least compound, engineered segments, it is very protected in contact with nourishments. The wood ledges become, along these lines, the Chef’s preferred alternative when it comes about cutting, cutting and hacking, for getting ready and moving mixture, just as for some other kitchen obligations. The input we got from numerous clients, temporary workers and colleagues recommends that no other ledge surface can offer a comparable multi-usefulness. The hardwood surfaces significantly weaken the bang even in the noisiest houses and furnish a surface a lot gentler with porcelain, glass and precious stone things than most different materials.


Whenever thought about, there is no reason your ledge wouldn’t endure forever. Indeed, not just almost certainly, your kids will utilize it, be that as it may, as it ages, the wood will get an increasingly appealing look. The European beech, the oak and the maple that we gladly supply are considered as a real part of the most sturdy wood species accessible. Every single lamella you can see inside our wood tops was deliberately chosen before being handled into butcher square sort boards. Alongside this reality, our full guarantee against delamination will further strengthen the guarantee for your ledge life expectancy.

Simple upkeep.

The mineral oil that we suggest for completing offers a genuinely decent by and large insurance. The majority of the stains that may happen can be evacuated by utilizing a clammy material, while the enduring stains, scratches and scars will be effectively expelled by sanding the territory where they happen. Another layer of oil will make your ledge look new once more; truth be told, the wood ledge speaks to the main inexhaustible zone from your whole kitchen. Know more details about John Boos


Logical examinations demonstrated that the wood surfaces are considerably less inclined to bacterial colonization than plastic, cover or tempered steel surfaces. The examinations, going for miniaturized scale life forms, for example, Escherichia coli, Staphylococus aureus, Campylobacter jejunii, Listeria monocytogines, Salmonella sp. that establish the reason for the most incessant nourishment sicknesses found that while the incredible larger part of strong surfaces (counting polyester plastic, overlays and rock) enabled the microscopic organisms to endure and increase (in spite of the fact that they were effectively cleaned and purified), the wood surfaces killed the microorganisms inside 3 minutes, with no outer mediation. These bactericide properties the wood substance structure unequivocally shows are probably going to advance the wood beat as the main decision of a wellbeing cognizant individual.