It’s All In The Cards – Safety In Numbers

With computerized cameras, the account medium is regularly a Compact Flash (CF) card. It’s the memory place where every one of your pictures are put away. A few cameras permit concurrent account on two cards for expanded dependability and excess, just in the event that something turns out badly.

CF cards are not as critical to the last picture as film might have been/is. A long way from it. However, the CF card is a significant aspect of your computerized work process. They are significant pieces of your expert hardware.

I recall the days when CF cards were extravagant. Limited quantities of memory sold for a huge number of dollars. Nowadays, costs have descended, and cards are getting greater and quicker and costs are descending. In case you’re seconds ago coming into the computerized field, you’ve entered at a decent time.

There are various inquiries I get posed to regularly about CF cards. The most well-known by a wide margin: is there a contrast between the scratch and dent section cards and the more costly ones? The appropriate response is a resonating yes. Like with whatever else, you gits what you pays for. (When purchasing from a respectable vendor, coincidentally, the distinction in cost between name brand and off brand is little enough that it shouldn’t make any difference.)

My undisputed top choice is the Hoodman PPO card, The SanDisk line is a nearby second. (The Hoodman cards are blasting quick in my Canon 5D.) For those of you who need to purchase ‘made in America,’ the Hoodman cards have the special reward of being made in the U.S.


Abstain from purchasing modest CF cards at closeout destinations. As a general rule, the cards sold are fakes. See the exceptionally valuable connection at for more data. I purchase my CF cards from B&H Photo Video or legitimately from the maker. Discover Hoodman CF cards at

The second most regularly posed inquiry is, would it be advisable for you to get one enormous card or numerous littler ones? I advocate numerous littler cards instead of a couple of enormous ones. It boils down to fundamental danger the executives. The more individual cards you can spread the danger out on, the littler the possibility that an individual card will turn sour at a crucial time. I work with an enormous number of 2 to 4 GB cards.

The third most regularly posed inquiry has to do with moving the pictures from the card to the PC. Numerous computerized picture takers are baffled by the moderate association speeds when they attempt to download legitimately from their camera with USB or FireWire. Insight: Spend $25 on a decent quality card peruser and you will be astonished at how quick you can download pictures from your CF cards.

Before you purchase another, quick, CF card, try to check with your camera’s producer that the speed and limit are viable with your camera.

As usual, when you have inquiries regarding anything concerning your publication stock photography business, the PhotoSource Kracker Barrel at 1 is an extraordinary spot to pose inquiries and get data.