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How to Choose a Dog Daycare Facility

You want to make sure you are thorough to guarantee that your dog is being treated properly and will be as safe and happy in their hands as he is in yours.


Plan to visit each prospective Toronto dog daycare facility during the day when there are dogs present so you can see how the dogs are treated. You may need to make an appointment ahead of time in order to get a tour of the full dog daycare Toronto facility. Avoid first thing in the morning (during peak drop off times) and in the evening (from 5-7 during pick ups) as the staff may be too busy to answer your questions. Observe the dogs that are there and see how they are treated. They should seem happy and not stressed. Staff should also appear happy and playful and not stressed out and be constantly interacting and monitoring the dogs. Make sure there is a suitable staff to dog ratio so that you can ensure the staff has enough time to take care of each and every dog. The lower the staff to dog ratio is the more supervised they will be and they will be less likely to get in trouble. The environment should be clean and calm- not chaotic and the Toronto dog daycare center should seem very professional and under control.


Cost is also an important factor in determining the dog daycare Toronto facility that is right for you and your pet but don’t let it be the only factor in choosing a place that is right for you. Multi-staffed larger facilities will naturally be more expensive but they will also provide a much wider range of services to meet the needs of individual dogs. Some of these larger Toronto dog daycare facilities will have playgrounds, pools, couches, TV’s, a variety of beds, a ton of different toys, the staff may constantly play games with the dogs and some may even offer dog training from learning tricks to good manners to agility and more!


When you visit dog daycare Toronto facilities some things to consider are: what vaccines does the center require? How do they assess potential dogs that want to attend their dog daycare? How many staff do they have on at all times? What is their staff 貓剪毛 to dog ratio? How do they determine appropriate playgroups (based on size, energy levelHealth Fitness Articles, age etc.)? Are you able to provide your own treats and limit the amount they give your dog (to avoid allergies or overeating)? What kind of dog training does their staff have? How frequent do serious incidents occur? How do they deal with these incidents (they should be by separating dogs and not using any violence)? What happens if a dog is injured (do they have a veterinarian close by)? Has a dog ever escaped? Has any dog ever bitten a staff member? If so what was their procedure dealing with it (did they report it to the authorities)? This is an important question to ask since it can happen and the last thing you want is having your dog quarantined and triggering dangerous legal proceedings. Even though this list of questions is long it is very important to get a full understanding of the Toronto dog daycare facility you will be trusting with your dog so you can be confident that your dog is in the best hands.