How Footballers Can Develop a Mindset for Success

It is fast becoming the time of the season when many teams around the country will be looking to catch up on the multitude of games that have been postponed in January due to the adverse weather that struck many parts of the UK. I have been reading with interest the many non-league forums and websites about the proposal of a winter break within the non-league game. Whilst the idea sounds like a feasible one, there are suggestions in certain quarters that no sooner than a winter break is announced, the weather in December and January will inevitably be excellent for football. We just don’t know what we are going to get. I have played and coached a number of seasons where the odd game has been called off due to a waterlogged pitch but this season has been incredibly frustrating for many people within the game. Managers, coaches, supporters, journalists and club directors have all found the last few weeks incredibly difficult.

Many clubs within the non-league game still need to pay players wage ทางเข้าเว็บหลัก ufabet s for the training and travel expenses they incur as a result of fulfilling their playing duties. I know a number of lads who recently travelled from Oxfordshire to Paulton in Somerset on a Tuesday night only to be told during the warm up that the game was to be postponed. I must stress that I am not laying blame here and believe that no-one is at fault. I am merely explaining that players and management teams do put a lot of time and effort in to doing the best for their clubs. Many, many clubs reward their players well and they rely on sponsorship, gate and bar takings to pay players and staff. The enforced winter break has left many chairmen with the difficult task of supporting the playing staff financially during this period of the year. Some people say who would be a manager but let’s not forget who would be a chairman? The debate of a winter break as well as the viability of 3G pitches will no doubt continue for some time. Both theories indeed have their pros and cons.

In the next couple of months, a host of teams up and down the country will be vying to win their respective leagues, play in cup finals and quite possibly looking to stave off relegation. We are all in football for different reasons but ask most players and managers where they would like to be in April and they will inevitably say, “In the mix somewhere”. This means that the team is there or thereabouts in terms of challenging and the team has some form of cup run to look forward to. I would like this article to be helpful for players who are ‘in the mix’ come April but also aim to help those who find themselves mid-table and without a cup run to look forward to. Let me say this. If you are currently sitting mid table, don’t become complacent and feel that the season is drawing to a prolonged conclusion and that you can simply turn up each week and play. Most managers who oversee a team that stand mid table are looking to put a run together that may place them in the top four or they are nervously looking over their shoulder to see how many points they are from the relegation zone. Either way, the manager and coaching staff are looking for their teams to finish on a high. Many managers and coaches are also looking at players for the next season and gauging attitude, application and hunger for the next season.