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The space creator Sarajevo is the first animator character with a main role in a Swedish film. Last weekend, it finally got to see the light of day in the acclaimed film “Lonely in Space”, after waiting for the special effects company Fixas in Devland for about a year.

Vojajer’s creator and mechanic nurse Niklas Hermansson dusts the character’s face, which looks a bit gray and very much stiffer than his very moving self in the movie.

– The disadvantage of silicone is that it becomes so dirty. From getting on the mask, it pulls dirt on itself, it took so much time to keep him clean during the recording, he says.

He and Fia Reisek run the company Fixas since 2007. First in Stockholm, and then five years in Rävlanda. Fia is specialized in the sculpture, and Niklas fixes the mechanical parts, or as he himself describes it, “gives the characters life”. Depending on the project, they bring in other specialists who help with different parts of the character creation. The likelihood is great that you have seen some of Fixa’s stuff in movies. For example, the company stands behind the elephant in the “Hundra years that jumped out of the window and disappeared”. Fia and Niklas have traveled as far as Turkey and Austria with their stuff to participate in recordings. They also make props for TV shows, commercials and museum display displays. Watch Online movies at movgotv

– I want us to do more character traits for everything we do. It doesn’t matter if it’s for movies. The funniest thing I know is when you have worked with something for a while and have everything ready and get to test the mechanics for the first time and see the characters come to life, that kick is amazing, says Niklas.

Remaining in the repository stands a bunch of other, so far secret secretions. They will appear in films within the next few years. Among other things, a couple of characters for a project together with Netflix, who took about two months to design and construct.