Hair Clippers Kit

The next time you need a new set of hair clippers, do a little research before you make a purchase. A quality hair clippers kit can mean the success or failure of your attempts to cut hair, whether your own, or your clients’. Many people buy a clipper set for their home, and on the 3rd or 4th use, find out that they have seized up. That’s because they either were poorly made, or they were not taken care of and properly cleaned and oiled. Professionals under a budget crunch may purchase a less expensive hair clippers kit, thinking it will “tide them over”, only to turn around and have to buy another kit in a month. They don’t save much money that way. Here are some things to keep in mind that might save you money and time when you’re looking for a hair clippers kit. SUPRENT® Hair Clippers for Men, Professional Hair Cutting Kit &  Zero Gap T-Blade Trimmer Combo, Cordless Hair Clipper Set with LED Display  : Beauty & Personal Care

1. Always consider the frequency with which you’ll use the clippers. If you are buying them for home use, you probably won’t wear out a good pair of clippers. You will, however, want a mid-priced set, because it’s extremely frustrating to try to use your clippers just to find out they are jammed and won’t work. This happens with cheap clippers. You’re actually better off spending a little more money to get a mid-priced pair that will last more than 5 or 6 clippings.

2. If you are a hair stylist professional, definitely invest in a professional hair clipper grade hair clippers kit. When you use equipment every day, all day, you’ll wear it out. It can also overheat, making it very uncomfortable for your hand and unusable because it will lock up. Just “bite the bullet” as they say, and buy an expensive, professional set of clippers. They’ll earn their cost back, and save you money in the long run.

3. Think about the weight of the clippers, as well as the size. If they are for home use, it may not matter as much, but a professional holds the clippers all day, and lighter weight equals less fatigue. Don’t forget, also, to consider size. If you have small hands, a large clipper will be hard to maneuver. If you have large hands, a small clipper will fatigue your hands and cause wrist problems.

4. Consider the power of the hair clippers kit. In general, with appliances and lawn tools, more amps means more power. The same is true with hair styling equipment. If a clipper set has more amps, it will work longer hours and have more power. If you’ve ever had an under powered set of hair clippers, you’ll understand. Just be sure that the larger number of amps doesn’t add too much to the weight or size of the clippers.