Five Mistakes You Can Avoid at the Office by Using Online Document Management

Everyone is talking about document management these days. And while you may know that it is a way to store paper and electronic documents together, you might not have considered how document management – especially web-based – can make your day-to-day tasks easier.

Let’s look at five mistakes you can be sure to avoid if you add an online document management system to your technology toolbox.

1. Losing a document that can be re-created. Have you ever lost an electronic document that was on your computer? Whether it became corrupt or I accidentally saved over it, I’ve lost a file or two – and usually at a critical time. By storing documents in a web-based document management system, you’re eliminating the risk of human error or computer failure. Any paper document that you scan into the system is captured permanently, so even if your computer hard drive fails, you’ll be able to access your records.

2. Losing a document that cannot be re-created. This is bad. Especially if that document you need is needed for a lawsuit or to meet industry record retention guidelines. If your company gets into a lawsuit, there’s a good chance that there will be some kind of discovery process, where you will be asked to produce all relevant documents relating to the issues in question. In recent years, courts have allowed plaintiffs to make major demands on companies with so-called “fishing expeditions.” And it’s not just Fortune 100 companies that have this problem.

It’s extremely important that corporate documents be readily and speedily retrievable. That’s a good reason why all your paper documents should be in electronic form and in searchable format, whether searchable PDF or TIF. The way to do this is by setting up procedures for identifying important documents and converting them into searchable electronic format, using scanners and software like eBridge Solutions’ web-based document management system, which will help you convert, identify and save the documents.

3. Misfiling a document. There is nothing more home health medical social worker (MSW) documentation software frustrating than filing a document in the wrong file folder. Especially when a customer is on the phone asking you a question about their contract, but you can’t find it. Anywhere. With a document management system, you should be able to do a keyword search of every typewritten document in your online file cabinet, so even if you accidentally mis-label a document, you can still find it. (And best of all, correct the mis-label.)

“I am so much more organized than ever before. If I am looking for something all I have to do is type it in and there it is. It’s so much easier than searching through file cabinets or on my co-workers desks for the files I need,” explained Angie Lehmann, accounting specialist at BTD Manufacturing, who began using an online document management system in 2007.

4. Not having the most recent copy of a document. Sometimes, just one word makes all the difference in the world. You want to be sure you have the final version of a contract or sales agreement in your possession. Document management systems should use audit trails with date