DHA Fish Oil Dosage – Discover the Right Dosage For You

There have been thousands of papers published on the benefits of taking the Omega3 fatty acids DHA and EPA for your health regime. And most people are aware of the importance of taking these Omega3 DHA fish oil dosage. However some people want to know, what is the correct dosage or daily allowance of the Omega3 fatty acids.

The US National Institute of Health recently published a paper on the recommended daily allowance or dosage per day of Omega3 fatty acids. The recommended dosage per day is 650 mg per day of DHA and EPA fats. You can obtain these fats from taking an Omega3 fish oil supplement.

Also recommended is 2.2 grams of ALA per day. These are the type of Omega3 that you get from flaxseed, leafy greens such as purslane and nuts. Your saturated fat intake should not exceed 8% of your daily calorie intake or about 18 grams per day. That is your DHA fish oil dosage.

Now that is for a fit, healthy, thirty five year old. However your DHA fish oil dosage may vary, depending on what problems you have. If you are elderly or in poor health, you  RAD 140 before and after results may need more of the fatty acids DHA and EPA. You would need it for your cardiovascular health, and you would need DHA to improve your memory and your recall function.

Young children need more of the Omega3 DHA fish oil dosage, because their brain is still developing. The human brain is made up of mostly fats, and about half of that is DHA. Omega3 DHA fats are essential for infant and fetal brain development.

It would me remiss of me not to explain that fish oil is a natural anticoagulant. So, if you are on aspirin or other prescription type drugs to thin your blood. You need to consult with your doctor before starting a course of Omega3 supplements. I am on aspirin to thin my blood, and I still take 2,000 mg of Omega3 supplements per day. But I consulted with my doctor first.

I think you will find that most health care professionals would recommend between 1,000 mg per day to 4, 000 mg per da