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Coordinator for Diamond Painting Supplies

Level the Canvas

TIP 4: Start your work of art from the top.

Many individuals have their own styles of painting with paint by number some beginning with the most sizable shade of jewel, or some may begin the privilege or left of the canvas. Yet, whatever you do, you need to ensure you are beginning at the highest point of the canvas, so that as you proceed, the canvas doesn’t descend the surface you are taking a shot at.

Start from Top

TIP 5: Get free of static with dryer sheets.

In some cases, when saps are put away near one another, they begin getting static which makes it difficult for you to get them OR stick on the canvas. You should simply store them with a dryer sheet to expel the static.

Use Dryer Sheet

TIP 6: Eliminate air rises from the canvas.

This is really not a typical tip, yet a helpful one so you should recollect it whenever air rises in the canvas attempt to destroy your work of art. Take a little edge, even a pin will work and make either a little cut, or simply jab it to make a spot for the air to escape without harming the canvas.

TIP 7: Get consummately lined drills.

To ensure your precious stones are staying directly in the ideal spot and not moving, place them in a crisscross example on the canvas. This strategy will let the precious stones stick in straighter lines.

Crisscross Pattern

TIP 8: Keep your unit composed.

We have talked about how significant a composed artistic creation with precious stones unit can be versus a pack you have not pre-sorted out. This tip will spare you a great deal of migraine and time by making it simpler for you to access and utilize your precious stone canvas supplies.

Jewel Drills Organizer

TIP 9: Don’t matter an excess of weight on the precious stones.

The device with which you get your precious stones has wax in it. On the off chance that you apply an excess of weight on the jewels while painting, the wax may stall out on the precious stones and dull their sparkle.