Which Car Tracking System Is Best For Me?

In today’s modern society car tracking is extremely beneficial to a range of people in their day to day lives. You may have heard of different variations of car tracking systems but are unsure what tracking device is best for you. If you own a company who has vehicles on the road and whether you have two cars or one hundred lorries, vehicle tracking systems are a fantastic way of achieving savings as well as making your business more time efficient and customer service friendly. GPS car trackers are the more basic systems and are great for day to day use by individuals. It works by linking to satellites and consists of a tracker in the vehicle. It enables users to track and trace their transport via an online map and uses a software application provided by the tracking company. It helps a user to view their car or vehicle in real time as well as being able to view stop times and locations, idle car tracking time, route taken and the speed of the car at any point whilst on route. The information is turned into vehicle tracking reports which can then be used to make significant savings by finding the shortest and most fuel efficient routes as well as helping the driver to keep to speed limits as well as many other benefits.


Telematics include the above benefits used in car tracking as well as the ability to discover and monitor driver behaviour. Data is collected and reported back regarding how each vehicle has been driven. This includes road speed reports, sudden acceleration, braking and what gear the driver was in at what point for example. This information can then be used to prevent unauthorised or out of hours use of your vehicle as well as organising private mileage for expenses purposes and ensuring employee productivity is the best that it can be.

Which System Should I Use?

It can be hard to know what tracking system is best for you. As a recommendation if you are using tracking for yourself GPS car tracking may be best for you. If you are tracking employees or want more up to date information on your driving habits then look into purchasing telematics as this will give you more precise and detailed information. A Car tracker system is a fantastic device that will provide the very best and accurate information about your driving habits.