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What is Comcast Triple Play?

As the Internet becomes more and more a vital part of daily life, cable companies and others who provide Internet services are beginning to offer bundle packages, in which customers can pay a discounted price for Internet, cable television, and telephone service. One such service is Comcast Triple Play, which offers subscribers a bundle that includes High Definition television, digital voice service, and high speed Internet service.

Comcast is smart to capitalize on the latest technology. High definition television is very popular, although not everybody can afford to purchase a high-def capable comcast store near me television set yet. Now that cable television has switched over to digital signals, this new technology is sure to become even more common.

Furthermore, many people are attracted to any offer involving high speed Internet. This technology has been around less than ten years, yet it is inconceivable to most people nowadays to settle for a dial-up Internet connection. High speed Internet is far more convenient as it does not tie up the phone line, and viewing or creating multimedia items such as videos or Internet broadcasts is now commonplace.

These activities require a high speed connection. Finally, with a cheap wireless router people can easily attach their laptops or video game systems to the Internet as well. For all these reasons, people are likely to purchase any bundle that includes high speed Internet service.

However, Comcast’s promotional bundle has not been as successful a promotion yet as it might be. The main reason for this is that the bundle is not being marketed properly. Comcast’s advertising department has done an excellent job of placing banners on the Internet for interested potential customers to click on in order to purchase the service. However, Comcast’s marketing also includes a direct mailing program, which is important for those customers who do not currently subscribe to Internet services.

The direct mailing does not explain how interested customers can contact Comcast to inquire about the bundle package. This problem causes non-Internet savvy customers to give up on the bundle package before they begin. It is possible that some of these customers might hear about the package when talking with their cable representative on an unrelated matter, but a sizable chunk of the market is probably being lost due to this oversight.

Comcast has tried to compensate for this problem by adding a new incentive to its package. Consumers who purchase the bundle will, for a limited time, receive a free Dell notebook computer. This promotion will probably appeal to a wide range of people. Almost everyone likes getting free things, and computers are particularly expensive. However, this will not help Comcast if they do not clearly indicate how interested customers may take advantage of the deal.

Comcast Triple Play is an excellent bundle for the money. Customers who take advantage of this program will receive not only high speed Internet service and high definition television, but also digital voice services. Customers who have a high definition television set should take advantage of this offer.

Comcast Triple Play [] offers subscribers a bundle that includes High Definition television, digital voice service, and high speed Internet service.