The overnight success journey of spotify in the music streaming industry

Don’t you ever wonder like, “why this much number of people is signing up with spotify?” Well, we wonder! So we did some research to find out why people love spotify so much! It’s not like spotify was the pioneer in music streaming. But it somehow manages to steal the charm from some oldest music streaming sites.

So how did they do it? Well according to some researcher and from our own research we found that since its inception spotify threw some bait toward musicians and listeners. For instance, at the beginning they offered free joining with them. They didn’t charge a dime. Moreover they paid significant amount of royalties per streaming. Well that was the main USP that attracted significant amount of musicians. Even some renowned musicians were on board with them due to this USP. On a side note, they partnered up with several first row musicians as a bait to attract new listeners. And trust me this worked like charm! They got billions of listeners on their platform overnight. And the success was admirable by all the industry leaders. Since the foundation of the company their strategy was rock solid and aimed for success. So it’s nothing like a fairytale but determination and dedication for success.

Now, their strategy to attract listeners to sign up on their platform was somewhat like aiming for long run. They didn’t play the bait card here. In fact they offered listeners to try their platform for free and compare it to others. They designed and develop the spotify app in a very sophisticated way and load it up with various highly functional features to let the listeners enjoy seamless music streaming experience. And they had a huge significant success over there as well.

With loads of listeners hoping on spotify, musicians were reluctant to look for ultimate spotify promotion service.  If you are in search of one you can have a look at this website. Overnight spotify gave birth to several sub niche business opportunity. Musicians started to look for seo agency to get more traffic on their profile and increase followers and get more streams.