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Re-discovering eBay & Amazon

It is some time (two or three years at any rate) since I did any selling on eBay (despite the fact that I have utilized it a lot as a purchaser) however this week I chose to list a couple of things that have been lying around the house for quite a long time. Bodes well as I am never going to utilize them again so I should let another person profit and profit as an afterthought ;- )

The one thing that I used to truly detest about eBay was pressing stuff up and taking it to the Post Office however I had overlooked the bit that I LOVED – watching individuals offer on the closeouts and seeing your cash going up! Presently I should state that I just recorded a couple hundred pounds worth of stuff – surely nothing that is going to make me rich however in any event, seeing generally little offers on your things available to be purchased is energizing.

Truth be told, I was having such a ball, that I began posting a portion of my old books and DVDs on Amazon’s Marketplace. Presently, in the event that you have never known about the Amazon Marketplace, you will scarcely believe, this truly is a flawless selling setting and an eminent business idea on the two sides. Simply, Amazon enable you to list books, CDs, PC games, DVDs, electronic merchandise and so forth available to be purchased on their site (you don’t have to work out a posting – it is auto-produced by means of the ISBN/standardized tag number!). At the point when somebody is going to buy a book (or whatever) by means of the principle eBay Amazon Accounts they are additionally given the alternative to purchase a duplicate of a similar thing from ‘Commercial center Sellers’. This implies they could get a second-hand (or new) duplicate of a similar item less expensive from an alternate merchant. On the off chance that they pick to purchase from you, Amazon takes the installment from the merchant and sends you an email instructing you concerning the deal and giving you the name/address to send the book/whatever to. At that point each couple of weeks Amazon pays your cash into your financial balance.

Obviously, Amazon takes a little commission for giving the above assistance yet they additionally charge the purchaser a standard add up to take care of postage costs. It is a success win circumstance and I think it is a quick proceed onward Amazon’s part (indeed, they most likely incline toward it when somebody purchases from a Marketplace Seller since they get paid for doing literally nothing).

So I wound up posting 20 or so things on Amazon too and in under 2 days, I have just sold portion of them and earned over £100! Keep in mind this is in regard of a couple of books and DVDs that would have recently sat on my racks for the following a half year/year/who knows? How frequently do you read a similar book twice or watch a similar DVD more than once?