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Posting Customer Reviews and Testimonials on Your Website

Let’s get this straight If you use no-cost hosting services, it is true that you can’t use your own domain name. You could choose to use a name or the label for your website. However, it’s not yours actually. It’s tied to and is actually a part of the hosting company you have not paid. Your website will look something like YourOwnDomainName.FreeHosting.Com. “FreeHosting” (e.g., Blogspot) owns your site. You are only guests and are able to create content subject to the policies of your hosting service. In a paid hosting account your website will be written simply as YourOwnDomainName.Com. The absence of the host’s name signifies that you are the owner of the domain.

What’s in the name , and what does it mean for your site’s performance? If your site is strictly for personal reasons, e.g., a platform for your creativity and expression, a free hosting account is sufficient. Most of us have accounts for free on the Internet in one way or another. However, if the purpose behind creating a website is to promote business, you should think about having your own domain name registered and a hosting account that is paid. This will increase your credibility and credibility. is a key element for establishing a solid Internet presence.

Promoting your company through the use of a hosting f95zone account for free would be similar to selling your products on the free sidewalk. This could send contradicting signals to potential customers or customers. You’re promoting the notion of prosperity , yet you’re consciously expressing the idea that you’re unable to pay rent or to purchase an individual piece of property. In the real world, businesses that aim to grow massively make the efforts to demonstrate their financial security by building their headquarters in the most desirable locations, so why wouldn’t you do the same thing on the internet?

The fact that you have your domain name in a hosted hosting account shows your confidence that you have something reliable and valuable to to your clients or customers. It doesn’t matter if you pay rent since you are confident that you will be able to earn the money needed to pay for the cost.

This could be your subliminal message to your customers. If you’re willing pay for the cost that you are offering something of genuine worth. Customers are always drawn by the possibility of real worth when shopping.

I recommend that you make your own message that is valuable with your own registered domain as well as a hosted account that is paid.