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Holidays and Festivals in Kenya

Occasions and celebrations in Kenya uncover the many-sided history and various societies of individuals. In truth, Kenyans love their days off, they even made one to commend the US President Obama’s success during the 2007 races!

Schedule of public occasions and celebrations

New Year’s Day – first January – Marks the beginning of New Year

Great Friday and Easter Monday – The Friday or Monday previously, then after the fact Easter, contingent upon the date of Easter – Mark Easter festivals, a Christian occasion

Work Day – first May – International laborers’ day

Madaraka Day – first June – A celebration of Kenya’s interior self-rule status in 1963

Mashujaa/Heroes Day (in the past Kenyatta day) – twentieth October – Changed from a vacation intended to honor Kenya’s first president Jomo Kenyatta to a vacation that commends all legislators associated with the battle for Kenya’s opportunity

Jamhuri Day – twelfth December – Commemorates the day Kenya turned into a Republic in 1964 and accomplished autonomy in 1963

Christmas Day – 25th December – International Christian occasion

Boxing Day – 26th December – Traditionally a day where laborers get presents from their managers, in Kenya it is additional opportunity to go through with loved ones to unwind after the publicity of Christmas.

Schedule of outstanding countrywide celebrations

Craftsmanship Festivals – March – Also alluded to as the East december global holidays African Art Festival, this three-day occasion is held in Nairobi for exhibitors drawn from the total of East Africa. In plain view are show-stoppers like artistic creations and relics, and so forth

Rhino Charge Festival – June – Meant to activate assets to fabricate an edge fence in the Aberdare National Park to secure jeopardized Black Rhino, this celebration is an adrenaline-charging, rough terrain rally and it tests your dominance in driving across harsh territory comprising of rocks, slopes, valleys, bushes and dikes.

Lewa Marathon – June – A yearly raising money long distance race across the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy comprising of a 26.2 mile race through a backwoods, bramble course, openland and going up slopes.

Kenya Safari Rally – July – A charging 2-day vehicle rally comprising of passing through sloppy streets, open fields and wild and arranging Kenya’s untamed life.

Maralal Camel Derby – August – A yearly occasion highlighting wild camel races is held midyear in Maralal town drawing in both nearby and global onlookers and contenders.

Safari Sevens Rugby Tournament – September or October – A yearly worldwide rugby rivalry held in Nairobi, Safari Sevens isolates the wheat and the chuff in Kenya’s rugby.

Kenya Tourism Week – September – A one-week occasion that features Kenya’s craft and music, cooking and different societies.

Lamu Cultural Festival – November – A mix of what is current and customary is held in the Coastal town of Lamu to show expressions, customs and customs of local people.

Mombasa Carnival – November – A famous celebration that revels differed customs and nationality in Kenya. Held in Mombasa city, the celebration highlights vivid processions, food, verse, music and moves famously known as “Taarab” and beautiful outfits.