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Can Windows 7 Silence the Questions?

As the arrival of Windows 7 draws nearer many inquiries are arising. Will it resemble Microsoft Vista? Will it be steady? Did Microsoft take care of business this time? …Furthermore, the rundown continues forever.

I composed an article half a month prior subsequent to introducing Windows 7 announcing that I trust it is truth be told the “genuine article”. I actually remain behind those words as the delivery date moves close. This is the most steady working framework I have utilized since Window NT 4.0. I have had as near zero issues with it since I introduced the RTM discharge the day it was accessible.

Remember that I am not the “typical” PC client windows 12 release date by the same token. I’m a programmer and I utilize my PC to earn enough to pay the rent. I seldom turn my PC off or reboot it and I charge it as far as possible consistently I am working. I recently bounced on the Windows Vista train and had a few issues bringing about reformatting my PC and returning Windows XP on it.

I won’t be returning to XP, Vista or some other working framework now. Windows 7 has made a devotee out of me and I will remain behind this working framework. The just, and yes I mean just one, issue I had with the establishment was a driver issue with my video card. I had the option to rapidly discover the driver I really wanted, introduced it and my sound has been working appropriately from that point forward.

I’m additionally a devoted gamer. Windows 7 stands up and conveys around here also. Apparently Microsoft has given a little consideration to memory the board with this OS too. I’m ready to run each of my games in windowed mode and it doesn’t appear to affect execution by any stretch of the imagination.

I realize the inquiries will keep on stacking up as the delivery date moves close, however I emphatically accept this working framework will fulfill each of the distrustful individuals out there. I concede, I was a little incredulous when I introduced it, yet it has made a devotee out of me and I trust it will make one out of you also.