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5 Different Styles of Silicone Molds

The number of silicone molds out there is endless. There is probably at least one for every occasion. The most common styles of silicone molds for cake decorating are following.

1. Border silicone moldsare designed to give a professional looking border on your cake. There are many different border moulds available, they all give your cakes very elegant and pretty look. Border moulds are very useful, you can cover all the plain and maybe, not so nice looking edges, of the cakes, and elevate your cake by that.

2. Cartoon or movie character silicone molds are very popular at the moment. There is variety of kids cartoon moulds available as well as comic book superhero silicone molds.

3. It’s never been easier to make nature themed cakes than it is now, with all the flora and fauna silicone molds available.From flowers and leaves to animals and birds, there’s something for every cake and occasion. For mermaid themed cakes, all the sea themed moulds are very popular. Shell moulds come from tiny mini sizes to large, detailed and lifelike shells.

4. Letter and number silicone molds are probably one of the most used molds out there. Messy and uneven writing will ruin your cake, even when it’s decorated well. Silicone alphabet moulds can be a great help in here. There are many fonts as well as sizes available. Larger size numbers or letters can also be used as cake toppers.

5. Filigree silicone molds are popular for wedding cakes. Filigree silicone moulds are highly detailed and and can be sometimes tricky to use, but they will give your cake a very professional look. Filigree moulds can also be used sometimes to create border around the bottom of the cake, instead of using the actual border moulds.

There are many more styles of silicone molds available, but these are the main 5 in our opinion.